Galaxy Global 诚聘Logistics Specialist

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1. Collect all paperwork and documents – Sales Order, Purchase Order, Bill of Lading, Invoice, etc.
2. Cooperate with the fulfillment department if we need to find a truck. Get at least three quotes for each order.
3. Send release email or inbound request to warehouse as required.
4. Prepare the paperwork for inbound or outbound deliveries by 5:00 p.m.every day.
5. Get a bill of lading number from the warehouse for the client or sales department.
6. Coordinate the information from the warehouse, the client and sales department.
7. Convert to invoice or receive PO (non-container order) and save to cloud drive.
8. Update all the information on inventory spreadsheet
9. Check inventory weekly and update orders not yet on the pick up list.

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